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Happy Canada day!
Also a happy Independance Day to our neighbors to the south! Taking America's hat to a new level. Hope you all had a fun time on your weekends and have a great rest of the year!

I know it's a week late, but alas! That's how the cookie crumbles.

Shading and lighting job was quick. Experimenting with this paintbrush thing. Also I am quite a fan of how the water hair turned out. Not something I do much of!
She didn't fit down the Chimney
I-It's not like I wanted to give you something baka! Just some Christmas cheer from a demongirl towards the CorruptKing and getting some itsy bitsy smooches of her own. First Easter now Christmas. Those are demon-appropriate holidays right?

Anyways I hope everyone had a wonderful Merry Christmas!

CH belongs to :iconcorruptking:

Lena belongs to my friend! Shes pretty tiny up there, download if you want to zoom in on her pixelated self!
AT: Make way for Krsha!
Heyy its me! I exist! Late art trade for Gent, Krsha's tension got all high and theres not enough space between buildings A and B. However will she get past this obstacle in order to keep looking for... whatever it is she's looking for!

Luckily with her delicate hands she has a subtle way to resolve such a situation! Tensionnnn uppp~.

Krsha belongs to :icontheenglishgent:   

My shading/lighting needs work!
The little and the big Vikings!
Starting to work on other stuff, this was a fun warmup to get to work on things and it was fun motivation, as were both fans of viking lore! So we decided to just do a quick drawing of ourselves teamed up!

For :iconshonuff44: viking collab thing!

CH drew himself, I drew myself! Who needs a weapon when you got a whole tree!

CH belongs to :iconcorruptking:

Kit belongs to me!


1), Post these Rules

2), Post 8 Facts about your OC/Character

3), Tag 8 other OCs/characters

4), Post their names as well as their owners

5), (( NO TAG BACKS ))

I got tag'd by :iconcorruptking:
Apparently I'm supposed to say things and tag others, BUT NO DICE, THE BUCK STOPS HERE.


Deumos is a multidimensional entity who's been around since the beginning of the universe! Unfortunately it has been decided that due to a unique quirk that reality itself has a tendency to decay and fall apart around her true form, it was a much better decision to just lock her up in a completely empty pocket universe where nobody else can be affected by all the reality warping and freezing that tends to extend around her true body. This also means that visiting her is nigh impossible for all, and thus her only companions tend to be the souls of those who have agreed to entertain her for a time in exchange for some kind of power or gift from her.

2. Deumos doesn't really have a concept of the passage of time, in any period where she appears in is essentially a summoned avatar which contains a small portion of her true bodies consciousness, and she tends to watch and act through all of them simultaneously. And yes this does mean that she can technically exist in multiple periods/times at the same time and in fact run into herself.

3. Deumos can shape and sizeshift, which means she can be as large or curvy as she wishes, only limited by the power of whoever or whatever summoned her! She can generally shapeshift to hide most of her appearance, but her horns, the color of her eyes, her scar and her lack of hands can never be concealed no matter what form she takes.

4. Deumos loves conflict, especially with 'heroic' or 'villainous' individuals, the more passion the better! Thus lending her to easily interact with supervillains or heroes, she purposely tries to encourage those kinds of people to come to conflict and when they do typically engineers her own defeat whenever it's necessary. Due to her basic appearance, she is usually on the side of the villains, but entertains no preferences either way.  Of course that's harder in certain time periods, so she settles with more mundane battles if epic ones are not available, like being a mildly annoying bureaucrat or getting your latte wrong for the third time.

5. Deumos scar over her eye has a tendency to bleed and ignite if she tries to draw on too much of her power while in a physical body. It's a leftover wound from when she was locked away and never heals! Downside of being immortal and unchanging, wounds ALSO last forever!

6. Deumos is rather easily entertained. She frequently will offer her services to people who summon her if they can offer her something new or interesting, such as stories or books or other things she can use to amuse herself in her pocket dimension. Due to her essentially endless period of being by herself, whenever she is summoned and not directly involved in any conflicts she tends to go out and seek mundane experiences and pleasures, as basic interactions are very interesting and entertaining to her.

7. Deumos has no physical hands, the gauntlets merely allow her to touch things without accidentally freezing them solid. Deumos has no control over the bleedoff of her power from the ethereal form her hands and forearms take while inhabiting an avatar body so the gauntlets are required as a physical barrier through which she can interact with various things around her without causing them to shatter.

8. Deumos doesn't like clothing or technology! She feels vaguely annoyed when she has to wear clothes, but tends to do so when out and about as it attracts less comment that way. She's also terrible with technology because while she's ancient she's definitely not omniscient and new technology has a tendency to break in her grasp. Usually by her own incompetence and lack of patience.


I tag nobody! NOBODY! Ahahhaa! Anywho hope these were mildly interesting to the few who take a look at it.

Or maybe somebody umm I dunno! Two tags. Also most of the people I would have tagged have already been tagged.

:iconamanardra: Jenny!

:iconladysiggy: Trina! Or Val if you prefer!


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Dracos123 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2016
hope you're still drawing.  Keep it up.
tkckrys Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2016
Still drawing! Just not completing anything unfortunately!
Dracos123 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2016
Ia Ia Deumos  :)  Well good luck on that. *watches in the backdrop for now*
lordadrian1000 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2016
Hi. Do you take request or commission 'points or money?' If not of the two, then that's understandable.
tkckrys Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2016
Sorry no I don't!
lordadrian1000 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2016
Okey. Thank you all the same.
DatKaro Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Cameo! *flees*
tkckrys Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2016
Oh no, not a cameo!
Arson-the-Average Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2016
Quick Question: How do I get Gud at drawing?
tkckrys Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2016
Draw lots!

Also use references.

Sacrifice children.
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